Alternatives To Buying Things For Children


One of the great challenges in raising children is the fulfilment of our natural parental desire in providing our children with opportunities for personal growth and development without spoiling them into being too overly-dependent on us.

Here are some suggestions which you could use to show them that you love and care for them without buying too much stuff:

Give your children hugs and kisses
The hectic schedule of our work takes time away from our children. The busier we get, the less affection we tend to give our children. Similar to work, raising children can become a series of tasks to accomplish, activities to complete, and deadlines to meet. We can all benefit by slowing down and giving affection to our children.

Let’s just chill out together
Spend time hanging out and playing games with your children. You may have to free up their time and provide some “encouragement” to win them over to the idea. They may not be comfortable with the idea of playing with you, especially when they are used to watching television, playing computer or video games. To facilitate the process, it might help to have no TV programmes, computer and video games days in your home. For instance, setting aside 2 weekdays each week where there is no television, computer or video games.

Have a walk and talk in the park
Taking a walk with one of our children can be a refreshing idea. It can be a great way to get some fresh air and exercise while taking a few minutes to connect and have fun. Try not to have unrealistic expectations for lengthy, deep, and profound conversations, take a walk and see what happens.

Encouragement is like oxygen to the soul
In our efforts to teach our children good habits and eradicate poor practices, we may at times focus too much on correcting the negative. Asians are especially not used to giving praise and compliments increasingly get overlooked. Catch your child doing something positive and good several times every day and praise him or her for it.

Be a child again
Whether they are playing, doing their art project, or reading their favourite book, do not be a spectator. Join in the fun and be a child again. You could even rally them to help you with household chores or come up with a creative project using recycled materials. Leverage on the reduce, reuse and recycle concept.