Wallet Friendly Romancing Ideas


Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we have put together some wallet friendly romancing ideas for you.

#1 Catch musical talent
Check out the free outdoor concerts by Esplanade every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Best to reach there early to get “front seats”.

#2 Watch the sunrise or sunset
Head to the Changi Coastal Boardwalk and catch the sunrise before dawn or sunset before dusk, and enjoy a spectacular view.

#3 Get cultured
Enjoy the national museums or galleries where tickets to permanent exhibitions are usually less than $10 and there is often free admission on Friday evenings and Public Holidays.

#4 Garden Picnics
Chill out at our beautiful Garden by the Bay or Botanic Gardens with delicious handmade sandwiches, salads and fruits. Bring along a mat and locate a cosy shaded area to spend quality time together.

#5 Take a walk down memory lane
Visit some of the special places from your early days of dating. Find the special place and make a scrapbook with photos, mementos and little notes from each other.

#6 Stroll along the iconic gateway
A leisure stroll along the Sentosa Boardwalk, an iconic gateway which is also the first garden-themed boardwalk in Southeast Asia to feature tropical landscapes which are indigenous to Singapore. In addition to enjoying the lush greenery, witness a panoramic view of the bay as you travel along the travellators before arriving at Sentosa Visitor Centre. A scenic stroll can be continued at the white sandy beaches of Sentosa. Entrance tickets is $1 per entry via Sentosa Boardwalk.

#7 Enjoy a Movie Outdoors
A drive-in to enjoy a movie screening under the stars – Sign up at www.moviemob.sg and receive details a week in advance on movie screenings. A rare treat to re-live the popular hook-up hot spot of Singapore dating couples in the ‘70s.

#8 Tree Top Walk
The Tree Top Walk from MacRitchie Reservoir Park offers a stunning view of our lush tropical rainforests. Go for a romantic walk during sunset, and remember to take lots of photos with your date, so she’ll have lots of material to fondly remember you by.

#9 Explore Nature
Sign up for a guided walk in one of our parks to explore nature.
(The Botanic Gardens and NParks offer nature walks by trained guides. Go to “What’s On” at www.nparks.gov.sg for details.)

#10 Volunteer Together
A meaningful volunteer experience that make a difference. Both of you could volunteer for a cause of mutual interest, such as helping out at an animal shelter, telling stories to children with cancer or any organizations which is of interest to you.

#11 Sports with your Date
Enjoy sporting activities such as playing squash, badminton or swimming at public sports complex. Hit two birds with one stone, exercise and romancing at the same time.

#12 Culinary Romance
The way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. Spend quality time baking cookies, cakes or preparing an exquisite meal together. To top it up, you may want to create a candlelight atmosphere as both of you end the day feasting what you have prepared.

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