Entry 37
Cutting down on necessities

I’ve spent the closing of last year counting savings (or the lack thereof), looked to de-clutter closet space, and decided to do something for a change without compromising too much on my lifestyle. I’ve never resolved to make New Year resolutions because just the thought of it reminds me of steel-willed determination which I probably lack.

Instead, I thought about making some small changes with regards to necessity. Necessity, as the word suggests, derives from a need rather than a want. So, how do I try to save more without putting myself through too much torment?

These are my thoughts on:

1) Food

As a salad lover who loves greens to-go, I’ll consider buying salads from supermarkets such as Cold Storage and Fairprice Finest rather than from cafes. These supermarkets have increased the variety of salads, herbs and other greens that they offer. Gone are the days where the greens which does not require cooking are cabbages and lettuce. With these salad packs, I’ll have an abundance of greens for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

2) Clothes

As someone who isn’t too fashion conscious, I’ll buy more multi-purpose, one piece garment rather than cheap tops, skirts or pants. Even though it may cost more, I do not have to pair it with additional blouses, jackets, trousers and other clothing. What’s more, I can definitely save time in the mornings as there is no need to fret about putting together the ‘outfit of the day’!

(Disclaimer: Implementation results may vary. Please take into account individual needs, preferences and lifestyle. )