Entry 39
Being Money Sensible

Being money sensible means spending within your means. And this takes self-control. It’s all so easy to become addicted to something, be it smoking, drinking, branded goods, cars, etc.

As the saying goes, ‘比上不足,比下有余,’ if you compare with those who have more, you will feel that you don’t have enough, and if you compare with those who have less, you will that that you have extra. We often tend to ‘covet’ perhaps unnecessary things that others have and we don’t. This could fuel the craving of always wanting more. Over time, we could lose control over our ‘cravings’ and this becomes an addiction.

Being addicted means that you no longer have control over the ‘addiction’ – it controls you instead, AND your money.

To prevent this, it’s really important to be able to prioritise our needs and wants. Allocate more money to things we need, and on things that can build ourselves and our loved ones up. Allocate less to our wants and indulgences (we can’t do without some of these too sometimes, to balance our lives!). Allocate, preferably, none, to things that could be harmful, e.g. smoking, etc. It takes self-awareness, planning and discipline, but it should be beneficial in the long run, and we could gain more than we lose.

It’s all in our mind-sets and attitude. Let’s try to be free of addictions and be in full control of where our money goes to!