Entry 40
To work for money or have money work for you?

Many of us would study hard, get a stable job, earn money and then spend money. Of course, for those who desire higher income, they would want to get even higher qualifications like masters or some who wants to climb the corporate ladder to acquire higher income. With higher income, one can spend more and live a more luxurious lifestyle.

The above is what I call working for money. We get a job, in which we need to exchange our time for it, to earn money. While it is possible to earn a high income through a job, there is only so much time we can commit. Even if we really love our job, we are not a robot anyhow and we cannot work all day. In addition, by working for people, there is a high probability that we may lose our job anytime. If so, how are we going to retire comfortably?

What we want to achieve is in fact, having money to work for us. How do we do so? Yes, it is by investing. Of course, you may say, investing is very risky and we might lose all our hard earn cash in it. Well, you are right. However, I urge you to think again. When you are working for a job, you put all your time and effort into it, with the risk that one day, you might just lose your rice bowl, isn’t that more risky?

Of course, I am not suggesting that you should put your money into the stock market without learning the ropes first. That is indeed a very risky decision. What I am suggesting is for us to get a financial education first before we even think of putting our money into the stocks market. It is through this that we are able to have money work for us, to earn passive income. Of course, there is still certain risks involve, but it is not as risky as holding on to a job, thinking it will provide for you for the rest of your life.

By not taking risk is the most risky thing ever.