Entry 41
Why less is more

Many of us have the misconception that with more money to spend, it is only natural that we would be happier. This is certainly not true if we were to think deeper into it.

At certain point of our life, a lot of us dream that one day, we can stop taking the public transport and drive our very own car. After all, who wants to squeeze in the train like packed sardines during the peak hour? In addition, we want all the branded goods and to top it off, we want to live in condos/private properties instead of HDB. This is what the majority of us hope for, where we think it is a place full of happiness, just like fairy tale.

In actual fact, we can also live a simple lifestyle and be happy. Not just happy, but very happy. You see, if we want to own more things, we need to earn more money. How do we do so? By working harder at our job, working overtime etc. This also means that we would have lesser leisure time and lesser time to spend with our family. With that said, how are we going to achieve more happiness if having more money means spending lesser time with our love ones? This is not getting the happiness we want if you were to think about it.

On the contrary, by living a simple lifestyle with our family, it can also be very heart warming and happy. Happiness is define by oneself and it is a choice. You can make the choice to be happy or not happy. In fact, having more money might be worse off than having lesser money! Why? Because with more money, people tend to get themselves into debt and when the debt piles up and people cannot repay, what happens? Yes, your family is affected and everyone is not happy.

So before I end off, let me just share 3 tips on how to not spend so much and yet still be as happy as you can be.

Firstly, whenever you see the branded goods or something that you want, ask yourself do you really need it? If it is a want, do not buy on impulse. I repeat, DO NOT BUY ON IMPULSE. Give yourself a few days to consider, chances are, you might forget about the item that you want or even not want it anymore.

Secondly, ask yourself, can you really afford the item that you WANT, given your current financial situation? If you can, go ahead, it is fine to pamper yourself once in a while, yeah once in a while. If not, then don’t buy at all. Do not spend when you do not even have the money in the first place. Alternatively, think of ways on how you can buy the item you WANT, by working or opening an online shop selling things for profits. This will also make you realize that it is not easy to get what you want and that you will get what you want only if you work hard for it. Nothing comes easy and if it does, it is probably not worth chasing for.

Thirdly, just think about those unfortunate people in third world country. They live on about USD$1 a day. They can still be very happy. So why are we asking so much? Why are we being so greedy? Just think about it, we are more fortunate than they are. In fact, we already have more than enough. Yet, for us, it is still never enough. For them, just having the basic necessities is sufficient. Why can’t we be like them?

And this is the reason why I said, less is more. This is when we can focus on the things that really mean something in our life, and feel much happier. If we can reach this state, it no longer takes more money for us to be happy. Just bear in mind the 3 little tips, and you can be closer towards your financial freedom.