Entry 43
How to keep track of your expenses?

I live in a day and age where spending is encourage and online shopping is no longer a myth, and that comes with the blurring of memories of expenses I may do in a day. However, I’ve found some reliable ways to ensure that I don’t burst my budget for the month by doing a few steps listed below.

1) Always ensure you keep a record of your expenses for the day

I always strive to record down the amount of money I spend on a meal be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. I will always write them down in my expenses book so that its easier to keep track of the amount of money I spend per day. I also use an app to help me to manage my expenses.

2) Always keep your receipts

It may seem easy but more often than not, after receiving a receipt for a transaction, the next thing we’ll do is to throw away the receipt. We can do more good to ourselves by keeping the receipt to remember what did we purchase and to total it up together at the end of the month.

3) Always check your bank account statements

I would always check my bank statements to ensure that when I shop online, I could still feel the pinch. Most of us wouldn’t feel the same when we take the money out of our wallet as compared to using our money through clicking of a few buttons. Checking my bank account keeps me in check with reality and not to overspend more than I should.

Choices made over again and again becomes your destiny.