Entry 44

Be Money Sensible

“We reap what we sow”, this English proverb has been said over many generations and used in countless of sentences like this one. Despite all of that, it still carries the same meaning, which is whatever we do in the present will no doubt either benefit or hinder our future. Some say money drives our world, while others say money can’t buy happiness. It is thus important to do the right thing when we are young, where spending our money right, differentiating our needs from our wants are an important factor to inculcate into the young minds of our leaders of tomorrow. What will happen to a nation if its future leaders cannot make good financial decisions? Corruption will rise, crippling our nation from the inside out. Being money sensible might seem to many as a topic with little value or meaning to their lives, however, it is quite the opposite. “No money no talk”, one might have this from friends or families, that without any money in their lives, their financial capabilities are greatly limited and will put them in a grave situation in times to come. So, what do we do to make the most out of our limited financial resources then? The common answer is placing them in a bank or saving our money from a cheap meal to a cheap public transport ride back home. However, I would like to share one solution, and that is to make the most of what we have, reuse them instead of replace. Do not give in to our desires, our wants and not our daily necessities. Money is like power, it has both the ability to heal as well as to hurt. As such, I hope everyone would be able to spend their money wisely. Every cent counts.