Entry 47

Being Money Sensible – Saving on Fashion

Fashion these days is one very important thing to young people, and without it, life can be quite stressful sometimes. Be it your hair, your clothes, your shoes or even your bags, it seemingly matters wherever you go.

As such, here are a few tips of how you can keep yourself fashionable without overspending:

  • Do not buy a pair of Adidas shoes just to flaunt its brand. Instead, think about what you really want e.g. how slick the shoe is, its lace patterns, etc. This can save you the trouble of searching for shoes again.
  • Clothes stores that sell shirts of higher quality and higher price doesn’t mean that they look the most fashionable. Other stores that sell shirts at lower prices can look better on you sometimes!
  • For guys, try to resist the temptation to buy unnecessary accessories like earrings or bracelets that can cost you quite an amount sometimes, especially when all you need is some jeans and T-shirts to make you look fashionable enough!
  • Caps were previously used for shading you from the glares of the sun, but it has evolved into a fashion statement as well. It is absolutely fine to wear caps indoors, but is there really a need to splash cash on a cap that is to be worn indoors?
  • As they say, being natural is being beautiful. Girls don’t exactly have to spend on make-up just to look beautiful.
  • Just because the shirt looks good doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Sometimes, overloading your wardrobe can cause you to wear the same shirts over and over again, without even touching the new ones!

That’s all we have for you today! Hopefully these tips will be of good use to you!