Entry 49

What NOT to do while trying to be Money Sensible

Firstly, I would just like to say that I am really, really bad at saving money. I survive somehow due to generous relatives and some supplemental income, but I am far from money sensible. From long, painful experience, I have come up with a few tips about what not to do.

1) Oversleep

If you’re a student like me, you have a fair number of morning classes, and you’ll catch hell if you’re late for any of them. That said, sometimes you can’t help yourself and want just a few extra minutes of sleep… Don’t. Really, don’t. I’ve found that no matter how tempting the bed is, it’s not worth the cash you spend trying not to be late for school. I live at Marine Parade, so that’s a whopping $15-$20 every trip. Even if you live nearer the school, I’d say that forcing yourself away from the warm comfy bed at the appropriate time is still worth it to save that extra $5-$10.

2) Eat at cafes

Café food is yummy, and it’s sometimes nice to splurge on a good meal, but making a regular habit of it can quickly burn a hole in your pocket. Even fast food can end up eating through your savings if you have too much of it. A meal at Macs costs an average of $5-$6, and if you always eat out, that’s $10-$12 a day, and up to nearly a $100 a week. Café food is even worse, with an absolute minimum of $10 a meal, that more often goes into the $15-$20 range. Do yourself, and your wallet, a favour, and stick to $4 meals.

Those are the main causes of my empty wallet, so I mention them here in the hope others will have better luck than me!