Entry 51

Stop eating out, learn to cook

Putting in small efforts to create your own meals goes a long way.

I mean it when I say small efforts; it really requires only very minimal amount of time.

For a breakfast example: 5 minutes to boil your ham and toast your bread then sandwiching the ham between raw vegetables, sauces and bread. You can google ‘quick meal recipes’ for a whole lot of other meal varieties.

A brief comparison…
It saves money to make your own meals.

Coffee $0.50 Starbucks $6
Canned drinks $0.80 Canned drinks $1.50
Ham/ Chicken Sandwich $2 Subway 6-inch $6
Water $0.00 Mineral Water $1.00

The list goes on, you get my point.

To eat at home can also be very beneficial to our health as we are the chef- we know the ingredients we use is fresh and healthy.